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STANCE: Design Against Fascism Exhibition Dueling Ideologies
STANCE: Design Against Fascism Exhibition Fascism is Racist

STANCE: Design Against Fascism Exhibition

STANCE: Design Against Fascism
May 1, 2018
SUR Gallery
We are proud to be taking part in a thought-provoking exhibition at the SUR Gallery called STANCE: Design Against Fascism. STANCE: Design Against Fascism, brings current societal challenges such as polarization, radicalization, the rise of white nationalism and fascist tactics to the foreground. It creates a space for an audience to question how far we have truly advanced from the ideological dogmas of the past and how they continue to shape our current political, social and economic realities. Nine Toronto-based artists and designers—working with themes relevant to marginalized and under-represented communities in Canada—reinterpret the 1973 Chilean poster art exhibition Por la Vida…Siempre! (For Life…Always!).

typotherapy designed two posters ‘Dueling Ideologies’ and ‘Fascism is Racist’. The Dueling Ideologies poster reinterpretation consisted of an expressive typographic language, along side the symbolic ‘Dueling ideologies’ gun graphic, which was created using hands on / computer free techniques and processes inspired by the original poster. Custom constricting letterforms (as if the letters are closing in) were created. The typographic arrangement of falling letters depicts the collapse of the political process and democracy itself.

The ‘Fascism is Racist’ poster reinterpretation focuses on who (theirs) are. It depicts an illustrated clinched hand, attempting to exterminate the “liberal vision of multicultural, multi-religious, multi-racial society”. It also brings to light a selection of fascist actions/political parties and movements that have adopted fascist traits since the turn of the century. The ‘star symbol’ (theirs) indicates the connection to the original statement, to both the clinched fist, and significant fascist actions/political parties and movements.