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Brand New Conference, 2014 Harris Theater at Millennium Park, Chicago, USA

Brand New Conference, 2014

Brand New Conference, 2014
September 25 and 26
Harris Theater at Millennium Park, Chicago, USA
The Brand New Conference was a two-day event on corporate and brand identity featuring some of today’s most active and influential practitioners from around the world.

It was typotherapy’s first time attending the Brand New Conference. And the fifth annual event by UnderConsideration did not disappoint. The conference opened with heavy weight designer, Lance Wyman, (known for such work as the logo of the Mexico 1968 Summer Olympic Games) who left us all speechless and inspired. The conference also featured design icons such as Mario Eskenazi and design thinkers like Adrian Shaughnessy.

The highlights included Mario Eskenazi, Lance Wyman (Lance Wyman Ltd.), Jim Bull (Moving Brands), Adrian Shaughnessy (Intro, Unit Editions), Sebastian Padilla (Anagrama), and the energetic Mark Kingsley (Malcontent).

We also had the pleasure of meeting the ever so humble Lance Wyman, the incredible Mario Esikenazi, as well as Adrian Shaughnessy and Mark Kingsley.

Overall a fabulous event set in the wondrous city of Chicago.