In production — 01.15.13

typotherapy: A book of creative thoughts—In Production On Press at Flash Reproductions.
typotherapy: A book of creative thoughts—In Production Press Sheets, Spot Varnish, Overprints, Metallic and Fluorescent Inks.
typotherapy: A book of creative thoughts—In Production Reviewing Plates, Mixing Inks, Tipped On Covers and Random Signatures.

typotherapy: A book of creative thoughts—In Production

On press overseeing our Wayward Arts Studio Series creation—
typotherapy: A book of creative thoughts.
The book, which is much of an experiment, is printed on a synthetic paper by Yupo (supplied by Unisource) and possesses unique qualities including an ultra smooth texture. The paper is resilient and also waterproof. It was originally developed to print signage and safety documents specifically for the manufacturing sector and factories that must have these materials protected from the elements. Because of the paper’s specifications and extravagant price, it was not widely used for conventional print projects. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to know that our book is essentially impermeable and you could probably read it underwater.

We spent a few days on press working closely with Flash Reproductions to oversee the printing. From a technical perspective, the book is printed with a range of techniques such as stochastic printing, spot varnish, overprinting, metallic, fluorescent inks, tipped on covers and signatures that are collated randomly. We really enjoyed having the opportunities to review not only the press sheets, but overseeing everything from the plates, mixing the inks, to working closely with prepress to realize our overall vision. We even learned a few new tricks that will definitely be useful in the future. Working with Flash was not only a pleasure, but also a prefect pairing by letting us experiment and having the expertise to make it happen.