214—80 Ward Street
Toronto Canada M6H 4A6
studio line 416 260 6284
New projects//
project 01

PMA Landscape Architects
Brand identity

A new brand identity for Toronto's most respected landscape architect

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project 02

Nadia Molinari Photographer
Website design

A new website comprised of breathtaking images.

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MyType Exhibition
Type design

A type-based poster exhibition featuring original typeface designs.

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project 04

Shang Restaurant NYC
Brand identity

typotherapy was commissioned to create the identity for internationally celebrated chef Susur Lee's new restaurant located in New York City.

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project 05

Ground Magazine
Magazine redesign and
brand identity

A new modular design system developed for the redesign of Ground Magazine. Including a new name + brand identity, an innovative editorial structure in addition to designing custom typefaces exclusively for the magazine.

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project 06

Jim Norton Photography
Brand identity

typotherapy creates a new brand identity and design for Jim Norton Photography.

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project 07

UNION Restaurant
Brand identity

Brand identity for a new Toronto restaurant voted ‘Best Resto’ to open in its first year.

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project 08

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office Annual Report 09/10
Editorial design and communications

Editorial design and visual identity for a high volume multicultural, multi-service community based agency in Toronto.

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project 09

Wintrip Wolkoff Shin Inc.
Brand identity

Brand identity system, stationery and website for a Toronto-based forensic accounting and valuation firm.

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project 10

Betty Hemmings

Brand identity

A new identity for a fine, quality leather goods and luggage retail store.

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Selected projects//
project 11

132 Ledbury Street
Promotional design and
brand identity

An attractive brochure, identity and website to promote Reigo & Bauer’s latest architectural creation.

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project 12

RPM Spinning +
Gravity Studio

Brand identity

A progressive look for an innovative fitness facility.

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xdesign inc.
Integrated brand
identity system

A complete brand identity system for a Toronto based, full service interior design firm.

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project 14

Sandra Ainsley Gallery
Invitation design and
brand identity

Spectacular invitations, marketing solutions, and a comprehensive identity program for a high-profiled contemporary glass art gallery.

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project 15

David Occhipinti —
Forty Revolutions CD

Package design and
brand identity

Package, design and brand identity for jazz guitarist
David Occhipinti's latest album.

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project 16

Silvana Metallo Photography
Book design

An extraordinary book for fashion photographer Silvana Metallo.

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project 17

Explicit Fantastic
Exhibition design

Exhibition and promotional design including visual identity, invitations, and hard cover book for a multidimensional exhibition.

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project 18

Nadia Molinari Photographer Spelling Bee Promo
Promotional design

typotherapy creates a cutting-edge promotional booklet for Nadia Molinari that captivates the advertising and design community.

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project 19

Jay Manuel
Brand identity

A unique identity of custom business card and promo for high-profiled fashion and beauty expert and make-up artist Jay Manuel.

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project 20

The Greenpeace
Living Guide

Book design

typotherapy designs a
200-page guidebook for Greenpeace Canada.

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project 21

MIX Magazine
Magazine redesign

Art direction, design, layout and custom typeface design for a contemporary art and culture magazine.

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project 22

Precipice Studios Inc.
Brand identity and
promotional design

A new identity for acclaimed interior design and architecture studio.

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project 23

Tamasha Exhibition
Exhibition design and
visual identity

Visual identity, promotional brochure, and poster designed for an exhibition of Bollywood billboards.

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project 24

Wear the beautiful game
Apparel, packaging and promotional design

Colourful t-shirts, packaging and promotional posters designed to celebrate the beautiful game and the World Cup.

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project 25

Nadia Molinari Photographer
Brand identity

A new identity, business cards and an interchangeable package design for celebrated photographer Nadia Molinari.

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project 26

Planet Greenpeace
Editorial design

typotherapy creates a typographically appealing publication for Greenpeace Canada.

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project 27

Deconstructing Inspiration
Lecture series

A lecture, book, and multimedia presentation, which help students explore and find inspiration through the process of graphic design and typography.

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